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I haven't been able to see it, but Inside Higher Ed reports on a letter calling for the retraction of an article entitled African Studies Keyword: Autoethnography. The argument is that the essay "is trying to inaugurate what it sees as a new genre of scholarly writing in African studies via encouraging white Euro-American scholars to focus extensively on themselves while ostensibly writing about African cultures, societies or histories." I am in no position to comment on any of this, but what I can do is point to this example of autoethnography, which I thought contained a good description of the writing process in an education technology domain. I also share a link to this autoethnographic study by Osholene Oshobugie to describe, in part, "how the understanding and development of my African Indigenous Knowledge, ontology, and unlearning of western educational epistemology impacted my growth as an educator." This thesis also contains a good account of the autoethnographic methodology, again in an educational context.

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