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Doug Peterson points to a resource I've long wished I had - a search service that finds the oldest result. The website,, is essentially a front-end to Google, and as a result the dates are no more reliable than Google's, which isn't that reliable. For example, I did a search on 'MOOC' and got four false positives before seeing the genuine first web reference, Dave Cormier's article from October, 2008. The first listing for "e-learning" is Heather Kanuka's chapter in Theory and Practice of Online Learning, second edition (2011) which is ironic because the term is used earlier in the first edition of that book, from 2004, in an article by Rory McGreal, though of course there are numerous references prior to even that date. So I think we're still wishing for such a search, though this version is interesting in its own right.

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