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The EDUCAUSE Horizon Report (58 page PDF) is harder to criticize than its NMC predecessors because it takes a much broader approach, offering fifteen trends spread across five categories. But it still has its signature list of "those key technologies and practices they believe will have a significant impact on the future of postsecondary teaching and learning":

  • AI for Learning Analytics
  • AI for Learning Tools
  • Hybrid Learning Spaces
  • Mainstreaming Hybrid/Remote Learning Modes
  • Microcredentialing
  • Professional Development for Hybrid/Remote Teaching

Or, if I had to summarize: AI, hybrid, and skills. Which gives the report a surprise factor of exactly zero, though there is a value I suppose in not taking a risk on any of the more interesting future tech trends ranging from the metaverse to web3 to the decentralized learning economy.

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