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I always have time for Audrey Watters, even when she's being upbeat, as she is - in a way - in this article. I think there's something to the idea of the 'grammar of schooling' that she talks about, and the role history plays in shaping that, though I also want to think about changing schooling by changing the grammar. I've written about that elsewhere. And I also wish she's name names in her articles. Not so much her inspirations and influences, like hooks, Freire and the rest, but the "people in education and education technology, who've not only screwed up the tools and practices of teaching and learning over the past year or so, but who have a rather long history of bad if not dangerous ideas and decisions." Because I'm a font of self-doubt I read these articles asking "Is it I?" but I really don't think it is - which means if true there's a whole other history of ed tech to talk about, the history I'm living and writing. No?

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