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In the course of delivering my course this fall I've produced something like fifty hours of bad video. Now my purpose wasn't to produce good video per se - as Matthias Melcher has observed, it's mostly an audio course; the video is just there because I can. And the point was to get the words out, to jump-start my thinking and writing process, so I can get my mind around the content of the course. Anyhow, the upshot is that I've spent a lot of time this fall thinking about what would be good video. And in that, this article is on point, suggesting that the narrator should explain what people are seeing on video, and not describe it. Great point. And from my perspective, now that I know what I want to say, if I wanted to make great video, I'd go out and find scenes in the world that are explained by the things I'm saying. Wow, but that would be a lot of work!

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