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This post summarizes Saty Raghavachary's paper Intelligence - Consider This and Respond (the link in the article is to a paywall, but I link here to an arXiv version (10 page PDF)). I like it a lot. Raghavachary proposes that "intelligence is a biological phenomenon tied to evolutionary adaptation, meant to aid an agent survive and reproduce in its environment by interacting with it appropriately—it is one of considered response." What's significant (to me) here is that considered response is not a cognitive process; it does not "focus on high-level computational processing such as reasoning, planning, goal-seeking, and problem-solving in general." Rather, it is "physical structures giving rise to appropriate phenomena, in other words, S->P." It's based on, in other words, direct experience of the world by a physical system such that the physical system (over time, learning and evolution) adapts to produce a response appropriate to the world as experienced. This is very close to my own view, though I am not committed to the view that all and only a specific embodiment is necessary for intelligence.

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