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What skills shortage?

May 11, 2021

Discussion of the skills shortage has reached a new plateau recently and it causes Harold Jarche to look back a few years to think about what it means exactly to say that there's a skills shortage: "When employers say there's a skills gap, what they're often really saying is they can't find workers willing to work for the pay they're willing to pay," according to Marina Gorbis. As Jarche writes, "to understand human performance improvement we need to focus on the system, not the individual worker. As W. Edwards Deming noted from his extensive experience, 94% of work performance issues are a result of the system... This looks like a major gaslighting operation, driven by corporations, educational institutions, and big consultancies. Blaming the victims (workers) of financial capitalism takes the spotlight away from the real causes of our problems and challenges." Or as another commentator said recently: "artificial intelligence isn't taking away your jobs. Management is taking away your jobs, and blaming it on AI."

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