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I remember ever-so-clearly that when the IMS Learning Design specification was introduced at a conference in Vancouver in 2003, complete with the actor-role metaphor it employed, I asked, "what about improv?" In this sort of theatre, made famous by companies such as Loose Moose, there are no predefined scripts or roles. People create these on the fly, according to their own interests and needs. This, it seemed to me then (and still does today) leads to more authentic learning. There hasn't been much written about the ideas over the years, but this article contributes with a selection of improvisational games. There's an almost unlimited supply of ideas out there - everything from exercises in overcoming obstacles to simple scenarios like visiting the dentist to improv warm-up games. And if you're thinking about improve, it's useful to follow these four rules: say yes, say yes and, make statements, and, there are no mistakes. I would add a fifth: it's about fun and being funny.

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