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The MyCreds website advertises itself as "Canada's new, official credential wallet for post-secondary learners and graduates," though I'm not sure how 'official' that really means it is. This University Affairs article informs us that "the new system was spearheaded by the Association of Registrars of the Universities and Colleges of Canada (ARUCC) and officially launched in December" and that "it will allow students to securely store, view, control and share their official transcripts, diplomas, badges and other learning credentials." There is still a lot I would like to know as institutions (slowly) join the service. Why will it cost me money to obtain my own records? How will my institution know where to send email to notify me (as promised on the website). What do they mean by "secure and tamper-proof"?  What role does Digitary (an Australian company) play? Was there an RFP? What's to stop anyone from misusing the link they produce to share my records? Can I display my records on my website? Can I store records in any app other than MyCreds? Why should my use of my own records be subjected to fairly restrictive terms of use? Why can't we have a more open system that allows me to share records from all my learning, and not just colleges and universities? To me this looks like an ownership play to make sure there isn't an open system for sharing academic records. Or maybe I'm just too cynical.

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