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This paper (26 page PDF) describes a system that "provides the professor and student with multiple services for the learning monitoring and customization based on learning styles, context information, and mobile learning objects." Basically it evaluates learning styles with ther Honey-Alonso questionnaire along with contextual information from sensor data and recommends learning objects based on this data and on evaluations from learners with similar learning styles. This last bit is what is new to me, though of course this method is a staple of recommendation systems generally. The paper includes detailed design and development specifications and describes the results of two evaluations of the system. I won't say that this paper meets all the objections raised by learning styles sceptics, which are, after all, based on a pedagogy of direct instruction and assessment by means of test scores, but I do think it advances the argument, especially with regard to more open-ended and self-directed learning.

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