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Various authors, AEShareNet, May 05, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

AEShareNet has launched a license called Free for Education. In essence, "The Free for Education mark indicates that material may be freely used for educational purposes. The mark may be applied by anyone to any material in which they own the copyright provided they agree with the conditions set out in these pages." Those of you who follow this stuff are aware that I have had a running dispute with Create Commons about exactly the same issue, as a Creative Commons 'education' license was being proposed. My objections to this are exactly the same, and the cause spelled out on the main page: education, according to the license, means "a structured program of learning and/or teaching for the benefit of a learner." So basically the license benefits educational institutions and penalizes individual or informal learners - in other words, it helps people rich enough to afford university or college tuition, but hinders people who cannot afford a structured program.
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