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Mattt Thompson, NSHipster, Jul 23, 2020

This post offers a more technical look at many of themes we've explored here in recent months, and especially the idea of the data-driven web, linked documentation, and automated software design, though it draws more from the semantic web than I would (quoted):

  • Representation: Software components should be represented by a common, language-agnostic data format.
  • Addressability: Packages, modules, and their constituent APIs should each have a unique URL identifier.
  • Decentralization: Information should be distributed across a federated network of data sources, which can cross-reference one another by URL.

The difference between my view and this view is that I collapse the first two of these into one point: there is no representation, and so addressability is essentially content-based, not name-based. This, essentially, is also the difference between connectivist and constructivist approaches.

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