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This is a really good reflection on time and online learning. It begins by moving away from the 'credit hour' as defined by classroom seat time, and looks at how much work (as measured by time) a student is expected to put in, and how much an instructor is expected to put in. There are good bits scattered throughout this article. Like: "keep trying to think about it from the perspective of what a student is actually going TO DO." And: "try to stay focus(ed) on what it is possible to do, not what we 'need' to do." And: "The standardization police have been telling us for years that each student must learn the same things. Poppycock." And: "if your TA is being paid for 45 hours, that's as many as they are supposed to work. If your design means they run out of hours, you are uh… going to have to do the rest of the grading."

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