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This article employs the concept of 'sociability quality' to assess the 'service quality' of information systems. "In a collaborative learning environment, it's social functionalities or sociability quality, allows students to interact, not only to absorb information in a deliberate manner, but it also enables them to attentively ponder, participate, discuss and share their ideas with others" (sic; the paper could really have used an editor for language and grammar). The concept of 'service quality' is taken from DeLone & McLean and explains "the cognitive and behavioral facets, of the system's post-adoption (i.e. after acceptance of system) stage, system use and system success." The article reports on a (small) empirical study showing "sociability quality has a direct positive impact on the system use and overall user satisfaction, along with a strong indirect impact on the net benefits of the (learning information system)." I like the concept of the paper (which is why it's here) but, as suggested above, it really could have been edited for length, content, and quality.

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