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The good news is that this report is much improved over previous editions. It has a wider scope, now taking into account social, economic and political trends. It is more international, with sections on (for example) Canada, Australia and Egypt. It offers four distinct scenarios: growth, constraint, collapse and transformation. On the minus side, it's still a little self-centred (you can't describe your own initiative (specifically, NGDLE) as a 'trend'). And almost all of the examples are from the U.S., making it almost myopic. It's also some near- (or rear-) sighted, keeping its gaze firmly on the present and the past. Three of the technological 'trends' are versions of the same thing: adaptive, AI and analytics, which narrows the field of vision to exclude wider, much more interesting trends (like decentralization, sovereign identity, open practices). Overall, though, it was an engaging read and actually distracted me from the baseball game.

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