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Normally I would not post a link to a paywalled paper, but just had to post it, having found the front matter of this British Journal of Educational Technology paper so laughable, especially in the light of the post I just wrote on educational research. Here, for example, is what we read in "what is known": "The unified theory of acceptance and use of technology is an approved model that explains the intention to use and the effective use of technology." You can read about UTAUT here; it purports to be an update on the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM). I wondered, what is it about UTAUT that is 'known', and what does it mean to be an 'approved model'? We also 'know' that "There is little knowledge about what makes students' willing to use social media tools for learning." I get the idea that traditional journal publication is about building on previous knowledge, just like in the real sciences, but it is important to make sure the 'knowledge' is actually knowledge. Anyhow, I couldn't read the Sacred Texts themselves, because I could not offer the dinari.

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