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The Future of Lifelong Learning

Jan 21, 2020

As this report (36 page PDF) states, "individuals in the workforce will need access to a learning system that will support them at different life stages, be easily accessed throughout their career, and be much more flexible." That's quite true. And I agree that " I agree that we will need "new pedagogical models, such as shorter-term or modular programs, stackable credentials or badges, modified and adaptable curriculum, and greater use of self-directed and online learning." But to align it with workforce needs would be a mistake. First of all, employers are much too short-sighted (and often backward looking) in their selection of learning priorities. Second, they are generally less interested in providing what the report calls 'durable' skills in favour of product- and application-specific technical skills. And third, many (if not most) people have interests that extend beyond their employment needs, and may or may not translate into a future career.

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