Shareable State Persistence

Various authors, IMS, Mar 26, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. has released the IMS Shareable State Persistence v1.0 Public Draft Specification. The idea here is that if you have state information in a content object - for example, the number of the last page a reader was looking at - and you need to store it somewhere, then you need a mechanism for knowing where you've stored it. This is important when multiple systems work together. A flight simulator, for example, may record the current location of an aircraft. If this information were discoverable, then a second flight simulator could find information stored by the first flight simulator and add this information into its own display. The way it works is that when a content object connects with a learning management system, it is given a "bucket" in which to store this information. The specification deals with identifying buckets and how to store information in them. The documentation is very clear; the Best Practices document, for example, gives you no context whatsoever. Begin with the fourth document (IMS Shareable State Persistence SCORM Application Profile) before trying to decode the remaining three. IMS is open for comments on this until May 26.
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