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The Blue Book (Review)

Oct 03, 2019

I'm citing this review because I want to quote a comment from G.E. Moore at length: "He (Wittgenstein) went on to say that, though philosophy had now been 'reduced to a matter of skill,' yet this skill, like other skills is very difficult to acquire. One difficulty was that it required a 'sort of thinking' to which we are not accustomed and to which we have not been trained - a sort of thing very different from what is required in the sciences. And he said that the required skill could not be acquired merely by hearing lectures: discussion was essential. As regards his own work, he said it did not matter whether his results were true or not: what mattered was that 'a method had been found.'" Of course you should read the whole review, and then of course, the Blue Book itself, if you want to understand learning. Image: O.K. Bouwsma, in Wikipedia.

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