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According to this article, "more than 2,000 CCV users and counting have signed an open letter calling for it (the Canadian Common CV (CCV)) to be killed." The objection is less an objection to a common CV than to a process that is awkward and cumbersome. "Pierre-Gerlier Forest, director of the school of public policy at the University of Calgary, says the CCV was designed for those with 'traditional, linear careers.' He says he signed on to the letter because it frequently took 'two weeks, with the help of an assistant' to complete the CCV for a funding application." Though I've never filled out a CCV application I have experienced more than a few processes inside government where I have been asked over and over for information they should already have. And I certainly see the need for free-form input rather than Byzantine classification systems. Another gift from Shared Services Canada. Image: Matt Rosemier.

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