The Cockroach of Repository Interoperability: Simple Query Interface

Wilbert Kraan, CETIS, Mar 05, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

CETIS never fails to amuse with its titles. It also never fails to enlighten with its crisp, clear writing. This article is no exception to either rule as it describes yet another learning object standard, the proposed Simple Query Interface being developed by CEN/ISSS. Unlike some other recent initiatives, this one is visibly drawing from the work of previous projects, including Ariadne, CELEBRATE, Edutella, Elena, EduSource, ProLearn, Universal/EducaNext and Zing (now there's some pedigree, eh?). What's interesting, from my perspective, is that the project being undertaken is almost exactly that being addressed by the eduSource Communications Layer (ECL), so in a couple of weeks the Canadian project - which is due to launch at the end of this month - may be able to hand CEN/ISSS a working prototype on a platter. All open source, of course.
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