Short Sims the Cover Story on the Industry's Flagship Publication

Clark Aldrich, Jan 08, 2019
Commentary by Stephen Downes

Clark Aldrich sent me an email with this link and an outline of his new article on TD Magazine. It's a good article, and the page he provided also links to the examples in the article. I do confess though that I thought it a bit ironic to introduce an article on "short sims" with a quote from the developer of one of the longest and most complex of all the video games, Sid Meier. The quote is to the effect that "a game is a series of interesting choices." Which raises that question for me about agency: does it mean 'freedom to choose' or 'freedom to create'. In No Man's Sky, which I'm playing now, I make choices, yes, but mostly my days are spent building things, shaping my environment while I explore it.

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