The Philosopher Redefining Equality

Nathan Heller, The New Yorker, Jan 02, 2019
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The premise of this engaging long-read about philosopher Elizabeth Anderson is that her bringing together of the ideas of freedom and equality is just the sort of left-right merger needed today. The left-right frame being imposed on Anderson doesn't sit well, and I've known many left-wingers over the years who have advocated for both freedom and equality as two sides of the same coin (the idea that the left opposes freedom is a right-wing trope, and entirely inaccurate). Ah, but all this is distraction (as is Nathan Heller's description of how she dresses and crosses her legs). The main point is, "equality and freedom are mutually dependent, enmeshed in changing conditions through time... equality is the basis for a free society. Anderson... builds a democratic frame for a society in which people come from different places and are predisposed to disagree." I don't discuss these nearly as often as I should in OLDaily (because it's an education technology newsletter) but I'll be exploring them in my new blog, Leftish.

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