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One of the reasons why I could never be EdSurge's new business reporter is that I could never take the business-focused stance toward the 'education industry'. This article is a case in point. I do not use - and could not use the phrase "human capital". And sentences like this seem to me not just wrong but morally wrong: " Not only do we not have enough bodies to fill the open positions, we do not have enough experience and education to meet the implied knowledge and skills required by companies." The people here have been completely objectified to become "bodies" and :knowledge and skills". I can't live my life thinking of people that way, and articles that push that perspective are, to my mind, deeply suspect. (p.s. I think Audrey Watters would be perfect for the EdSurge beat, but doubt that EdSurge's political officers would ever allow her perspective to appear in their pages).

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