Online Higher Education in India Comes Full Circle

Brian Warren, Michael B. Horn, EdSurge, Dec 26, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The authors are critical of India's recent regulations for online learning. " By replicating a system that India’s citizens and employers already say doesn’t produce workforce-ready graduates, it’s not clear why this wave of online learning will work better than the last," they write. They suggest an alternative. By maintaining a quality framework, they write, "The government of India ought to incentivize institutions to compete on delivering what’s best for students." But this is magical thinking. There's no reason to believe competition would produce a better result. The reason why it would be "the first in the world to pioneer such a progressive approach" is that other countries recognize that it would be a failure (also, I love the appropriation of the word 'progressive' to apply to a regressive multi-tier approach to public education).

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