How Long Should a Podcast Be?

James Cridland, PodNews, Dec 11, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I've had people comment on the length of the videos in my course, and I assume it would apply to podcasts as well. This article certainly is in that spirit. " If you have 100,000 listeners and you edit out one useless minute you are saving 100,000 wasted minutes in the world. You’re practically a hero." I get the sentiment. "How long should I make my podcast? As long as it needs to be: but not a minute longer.... with all the fluff taken out and ensuring that every minute matters." And yet... and yet... This feels wrong. Oh sure, someone can go on too long, but audio needs wasted time. It needs fluff. I don't want my podcasts to be cold and efficient. I want them to be warm and engaging. Via Jeremy Cherfas.

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