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According to the J.W. McConnell Family Foundation's RECODE initiative program director Chad Lubelsky, "A social entrepreneur, in the broadest sense, is someone who is starting things for the social good, and the container – be it a business, co-op, not-for-profit or charity – is secondary," I'm not thrilled by the use of the term 'entrepreneur', which to me seems to import for-profit business concepts into the social and public spheres, but but I do support the idea of promoting projects that engage students in projects designed to increase the public good. This isn't a business concept; it's a concept rooted in progressive education. "Its role is to provide students with what's sometimes called a 21st-century education, a real-world application to their learning on real issues, and building core skillsets. It also helps create a more permeable boundary between the campus and community."

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