Why We Need Web 3.0

Gav Would, Medium, Sept 13, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

More and more, as Ethereum co-founder Gab Would says, we are seeing that "the internet today is broken by design." It is centralized, it is driven by "the greedy, the megalomaniacs, or the plain malicious," and it provides no defense against fake news, cyber-attacks and surveillance. Hence the need for what is being called web 3.0 (backed by a suite of applications called web3). "Web 3.0 is an inclusive set of protocols to provide building blocks for application makers," writes Would, " empowering users to act for themselves within low-barrier markets, we can ensure censorship and monopolization have fewer places to hide." Now maybe the new web won't quite be the "executable Magna Carta " Would says it will be. That seems a bit much. But it's certainly not going to continue in the model of Facebook and Twitter either.

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