What On Earth Is A MOOC-Based Degree Path?

Derek Newton, Forbes, Jul 27, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I didn't appreciate the tone of this article as it uses phrases like "no more academic weight than the McDonald’s dollar menu" and "has the academic and employment standing of a dryer sheet" to describe MOOC credentials. Derek Newton is very sure. "There simply is no 'viable alternative' to a degree that does not include a degree. Much of the time, degree alternatives such as certificates and credentials are essentially worthless," he says, citing himself. The article as a whole is a hatchet job intended to take down Carolyn McIntyre, the founder and CEO of MOOCLab, which in turn offers MOOC resources and refers people to courses offered by Udacity, Coursera, and the rest. There's no reason for it, and no reason to believe the story being told in this article. (Readers' Note: Forbes blocks its articles with an adblock detector. I use uBlock Origin as a browser plugin to remove these and other malware on websites.)

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