Is strong AI inevitable?

Peter Sweeney, Towards Data Science, Medium, Jul 02, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

'Strong AI' in this article is characterized as AI that cannot only make predictions, as today's AI can, but as AI that can also create explanations. This is what is needed to progress from pre-scientific reasoning to scientific reasoning. The creation of explanations poses unique challenges to AI because it consists of things like interpretations (that is, things like models and world views) and formalisms (like math and language and other abstractions) along with predictions. Could AI produce these? Sure - humans do. But how likely is it? In my view, pretty likely. Interpretations and abstractions aren't magical things that appear from nowhere. They are the result of a knowable computational process. So I think computers will begin to be able to explain things. And as the clickbait headlines say, what they say will surprise you.

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