The XaaS Economy is Here: How Well Are You Serving Your Customers?

Stephan Sieber, ReadWrite, Jun 22, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is more of a business model change than a technology change, but it is certainly enabled by technology. Everything as a Service (XaaS) refers to an economy where "where products and services are delivered in a continuous relationship with the customer, rather than as a series of discrete individual sales." This article documents the transition to XaaS (describing those not using it as 'lagging behind'). It also describes a 'customer revolution' where "world-class technology and platforms are no longer exclusively the domain of large corporations and organizations" which means "an organization’s success will hinge far less on its access to software and technology, and far more on the most effective use and execution." I'm not sure that latter point is entirely true - the technology and information consumers have access to is a generation or two behind what large corporations can leverage. After all, how many people are running cloud networks in their living rooms?

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