EdTech is Driving Me Crazy, Too

Will Richardson, Modern Learners, Jun 19, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The actual tl;dr for this post is probably something like: "Purveyors of ed tech are jumping whole hog on the socio-emotional learning bandwagon, but what if we attacked the mental health issues our kids are experiencing through a different lens, one that starts with the premise that we’re the ones that are broken, not the kids?" It's a good point. And Will Richardson suggests some ways of measuring socio-emotional feedback from a student's perspective, where they track us, "every time our 'narrow path' narrative makes them anxious or stressed, or every time we deny them the agency to pursue learning that matters to them, or hint at their value as humans by the test scores or GPAs they get, or whenever we deny them fundamental democratic rights, or refuse to act in ways that suggest that we are the problem and not them?"

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