Can the universities of today lead learning for tomorrow?

Catherine Friday, Lucille Halloran, Ernst & Young Australia, May 30, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The authors offer (36 page PDF) four scenarios for the university of the future: the champion university; the commercial university; the disruptor university; and the virtual university. The context is Australian but the trends are global. "Demand for learning is shifting to a fundamentally new paradigm," write the authors. "Once the first new entrant cracks the market, we believe a deluge could follow." The potential for disruption is mapped to a useful grid showing how universities create, deliver and capture value. The trend toward change is depicted in terms of drivers (the usual suspects) and perceptions. The four scenarios are derived by means of government role (hands on vs hands off) and learner preferences (bundled degrees vs unbundled courses). Via Contact North.

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