Libraries Face a Future of Open Access

Joseph Esposito, The Scholarly Kitchen, May 23, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This post crosses the line and the publishers should consider retracting it. Joseph Esposito accuses librarians of alliance with sites as Sci-Hub and ResearchGate in order to enforce demands such as those made by Swedish libraries: "open access to all articles in Elsevier journals published by researchers affiliated to member organisations; reading access for member organisations to all of Elsevier’s journal content; and a 'sustainable price model that enables a transition to open access'."  So, "Having grown up in New Jersey, I have some qualms about what it means for anyone to form an alliance with unsavory characters." writes Esposito. "What do you do when they ask for a favor in return?" There is utterly no evidence of such an alliance, and this article is as fake as fake news gets.

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