OEP (Open Educational Pragmatism?)

Doug Belshaw, Thought Shrapnel, May 01, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is more from the OER 2018 conference in Holland last week. Doug Belshaw discusses his conversations with Michael Shaw from Tes Resources. Shaw described how warm the OER community had been. "He found the hosts and participants 'incredibly welcoming' and the debates 'more open than [he’d] expected on how commercial organisations could play a part' in the ecosystem." That's nice, but maybe a little too cozy. The risk here, writes Belshaw, is the tendency of commercial partners "to embrace, extend, and extinguish" open source projects. And I would warn participants in OER conferences to beware the "charm" and "feeling of reuniting with familiar faces" (as described by Martin Weller). Community is nice. But it's easily subverted. And it shouldn't be confused with outcome and purpose.

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