12 Things Everyone Should Understand About Tech

Anil Dash, Apr 11, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I think this is a good article but I think that readers in the education sector should read it critically. Parts I agree with. For example, 'tech is not neutral'. The tech we choose changes not only what we do but also what we can do. Others need clarification. For example, the statement 'tech is not inevitable' may be true for some specific piece of tech, but about tech generally. Others need a lot of clarification. For example, "most people in tech sincerely want to do good" is true only if you have a very wide definition of good. Compare, for example, what Mark Zuckerberg thinks is 'good' with what you think is good. Also, I want to point out that 'tech' means way more than 'tech companies'. We have people working in schools, people working in government, people working in open source, all of whom are 'in tech' but who are not in tech companies. That's probably the biggest thing tech journalists overlook.

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