How American Media Failed (at) Democracy, Society, and Reality

Umair Haque, Medium, Mar 28, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

What I want to ask by posting this item is whether educational institutions are passing this basic test. Not just American institutions, but all educational institutions. Here's where, according to Umair Haque, American media falls short. Civilizing: "media refuses absolutely to set the red lines anymore which civilize people, and bind a society together with respect, decency, and dignity." Informing: "media regularly fails to sort information from misinformation."  Reality-checking: "endless coverage of every tiny scandal, around the clock — but, for example, zero about how declining societies in which poverty is growing produce authoritarianism ." Opening minds: "media never offers any examples of fresh paradigmatic thinking for people... It never looks, for example, at how people live elsewhere." 

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