A Few Responses to Criticism of My SXSW-Edu Keynote on Media Literacy

danah boyd, Medium, Mar 21, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is quite a good response from danah boyd to some of the criticisms raised after her talk at SXSW last week. She has been offering the argument that some of our efforts to teach critical thinking may be doing more harm than good. See here. This isn't an argument against critical thinking per se but an insight into how it is taught. As she says here, "if we’re not careful, media literacy and critical thinking will be deployed as an assertion of authority over epistemology." I agree with this. But I wish this post had addressed the commentary from Tony Wan. See here. It's not just a questioin about epistemology, but also power dynamics. I think this argument would mesh well with boyd's current remarks, but I'd have to see.

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