How Critical Thinking and Media Literacy Efforts Are ‘Backfiring’ Today

Tony Wan, EdSurge, Mar 08, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I certainly agree with danah boyd when she suggests that the focus on using critical thing as a means to "find the truth" is mistaken. She suggests that this approach to critical thinking has been "weaponized". “Right now, the conversation around fact checking has devolved to suggest that there is only one truth. We have to recognize that there are plenty of students who are taught that there is only one legitimate way of thinking, one accepted worldview,” boyd said. This, of course, was never the purpose of critical thinking. As I wrote back in 1995, "The idea of logic is truth preservation. What that means is that if you start with true beliefs, your reasoning will not lead you to false conclusions. But logic does not generate true beliefs."

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