What are the priorities for L&D in the modern workplace? Our survey says …

Jane Hart, Modern Workplace Learning, Feb 15, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The term 'L&D' is being used as a noun in this survey, as in 'the Learning & Development Department'. So we see questions like "Do you think that L&D should manage social learning in the workplace?" The answer to this one, courtesy of 173 responses to Jane Hart's survey, was 'yes' at 33% and 'no' at 57%. I'm not sure how an L&D department would manage social learning. The real surprise, though, was the answer to this one: "Do you think the primary purpose of the L&D department is to design, deliver and manage training/e-learning for the organisation?" Most said 'no', and the number is increasing. So what should these departments do? Respondents wanted to spend their time "helping managers develop their teams, and helping individuals learn from daily work and share their knowledge experience."

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