Interaction of IT Systems and Repositories Project (IIS&R)

Various authors, Macquarie University, Feb 12, 2004
Commentary by Stephen Downes

From their home page: "This project extends the outcomes of the successful Collaborative Online and Information Services (COLIS) Consortium project by:
  1. Sustaining the Demonstrator Testbed so that dissemination of findings can be made accessible to all education sectors around AustraliaCRLF
  2. Proving the robustness of the IMS standards based Demonstrator environment by encouraging substitution of systems, particularly digital repositories,in the framework.CRLF
  3. Conducting research into the useability of the framework through involvement of learners and teachers
It is designed to improve interaction between IT systems and repositories within a standards framework by sustaining and extending the outcomes of the COLIS Demonstrator project, and by conducting research with teachers and learners." The project team has taken their work on the road; the events have already taken place in the south and west, but if you're in Brisbane, Canberra or Sydney you can still ctach their seminars.CRLFCRLF
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