Overwhelmed by size, underwhelmed by quality: A review of EdTech’s largest show, BETT 2018

Junaid Mubeen, Medium, Jan 29, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This review of BETT by an educator left me with the impression of a reviewer completely convinced by the value of pedagogy and utterly unable to fathom the idea of people creating learning for themselves. Consider this: "They (the exhibitors) fell utterly silent when pushed on pedagogy. The learning content is often the most neglected part of a product demonstration because it exposes the absence of pedagogical intent ... In some cases, exhibitors were unable to direct me to the learning content at all." That's becaus contemporary learning is no longer about pushing content. It's about creating experiences. The tech vendors have their weaknesses, to be sure. But their failure to emulate traditional teaching isn't one of them.

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