Where College Is Free

Sarah Mirk, Mary Shyne, Medium, Jan 23, 2018
Commentary by Stephen Downes

When I graduated from university I was $24,000 in debt. In 1986. At 16 percent interest rates. It was a burden I would carry well into my 40s and which meant I would go though most of my adulthood with no credit. It also left me angry and very very disinclined to work for the benefit of companies (especially banks) or established interests generally. I clung to my education like a rare jewel, knowing it would never grant me access to the elite boardrooms, halls of academe or corridors of power (only privelege does that) but understanding it would grant a certain level of freedom most people cannot share. I use my freedom not to build wealth or power (which would always be illusions anyways) but to chip away at the walls protecting those who think the existing order is just. Via Ben Werdmuller.

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