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"In 2017," writes Mimi Ito, "reality took a massive swipe at the wobbly optimism of technology progressives." How so? Well, despite things like MOOCs and YouTube we still see digital inequality and gender discrimination. Schools continue to be unequal, open access doesn't seem to promote equity, etc. But instead of the four lessons Ito draws (unite around shared purpose, focus on minorities) I think we need to look at the wider picture. Open and progressive education are necessary, but by no means sufficient, factors in equity. Take away people's livelihood and health care and equity suffers, no matter what else you do. Defund government programs and equity suffers, no matter what else you do. You can't vote for policies that result in inequity - which Americans (and others) continue to do - and expect education and openness to fill the gap. Won't. Happen.

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