Building and Sustaining National Educational Technology Agencies : Lessons, Models and Case Studies from Around the World

Michael Trucano, Gavin Dykes, World Bank, Nov 07, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

It took a bit of time to read this report (226 page PDF) but it's worth the effort, especially if you're in the position of designing a national education technology initiative. "This study on national ICT/education agencies seeks to provide some insights that may help answer two lead questions: 1. What do we know about the form, functions and characteristics of such organizations? 2. What are some key considerations and lessons related to their establishment, operation, and oversight?" The introductory section is probably the most use (especially the section describing the "key issues for policymakers"). The recommendations are probably too vague to be helpful, but the wealth of detail in the eleven cases from countries around the world (including two which were eventually shut down, Australia's EdNA (by Gerald White & Lesley Parker) and Britain's Becta (by Gavin Dykes)). Canada gets a paragraph about Schoolnet in the closing 'Other Initiatives' chapter, though given the focus on the role of national agencies in technology deployment I would have thought CANARIE might also rate a mention.

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