5 Lessons from Implementing Personal Learning

Matt Doyle, Education Week, Oct 28, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I'm thinking this is "personalized learning" because although efforts are made to accommodate the individual, all students still learn the same lessons and are expected to achieve the same outcomes. That said, here are the five lessons (excerpted and quoted):

  • learn more about who an individual student is today 
  • design "personal on-ramps" to content
  • a unique construct can be created that best fits each student's needs
  • creation of a culture of student agency at every level
  • use a variety of intervention tools early and continuously

What strikes me about this approach is how labour-intensive it is. Sure, this can be accomplished if you remove a lot of the traditional overhead in teaching, from doing the paperwork to delivering instruction to marking tests. But the bulk of the individualization is still being done by hand by the teacher.

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