Learning through the Open Creation of Knowledge

Allison Littlejohn, Little by Littlejohn, Aug 14, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is a quick read exploring the idea of students creating and organizing heir own learning. As Allison Littlejohn notes, "Some Massive Open Online Courses have been designed around every learner also acting as a teacher and bringing knowledge to the network." Students don't always follow present objectives. "Students who do not complete a MOOC or who drop out are often very satisfied with their learning." So, concludes Littlejohn, "we need new ways to support students in planning, achieving and reflecting on their (self-determined) measures of success." This is true, to a point. The bulk of the post creates a structure within which this support would take place. "The model focuses on how students plan, learn, study, create and reflect/ assess." And it suggests that there need to be models that go beyond learning behaviour, and include cognitive and affective aspects as well. My concern is that the more structure is put inbto place, the less autonomy they student has.

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