What We Learned from Improving Diversity Rates at Pinterest

Candice Morgan, Harvard Business Review, Jul 11, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

This is an interesting article. It shows you can't just set goals for diversity, you have to work at it, and constantly reinforce the reasons why you're doing it. It also shows that the steps taken to ensure diversity also help ensure a proper hiring process overall - for example, casting a wide net instead of relying mainly on referrals (because people tend to refer people who are like themselves - something I've seen firsthand). It also underlines the value of clear evaluation criteria, and not simply a vague concept of 'cultural fit'. The effectiveness of diversity movements will impact the value proposition for collges and universities, and especially elite institutions. Though they advertise 'great content and great professors' what they're really selling is access to the old boys' network, and though the dysfunction is there for all to see, they won't surrender their poisitions (or their entitlement) without a fight.

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