The next generation of jobs won't be made up of professions

Alina Dizik, BBC News, May 01, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

The sumamry says this: "To prepare for the future, we need to shift from thinking about jobs and careers to thinking about challenges and problems, reports Alina Dizik.... prepare the next generation for a career in the future, which for many will be made up of numerous micro-jobs aimed at well-paid skilled workers, and not a single boss and company." This seems right to me, but there's a caveat. We need to replace the security of jobs and careers with something if we're going to shift our focus to challenegs and problems. Nobody wants to survive hand-to-mouth depending on the next problem to pay the bills. We could be must more focused (and productive) as an economy, but not at the cost of becoming an underpaid zero-benefit gig economy.

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