It’s Not Their Pop Idol, but a Bot. Fans Cheer Anyway.

Ben Sisario, New York Times, Apr 05, 2017
Commentary by Stephen Downes

I suppose the new form of fame and immortality will be to have someone create a bot based on your personality. The 'Downes' bot will visit websites randomly and give them negative reviews. More seriously, this article on bots focuses - as it should - on the growing acceptance of bots in society. It turns out that we don't mind communicating with bots if they give us the sort of experience we're looking for (and that experience is not 'press 1 if you want to renew your account'). "“As A.I. develops, everything is going to go into a mixed-reality world where you could dial up a hologram of your favorite pop star and have ‘real conversations’ with the artificially intelligent version of that person." Or as Steven Tyler would say, "Rock on!"

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